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CAM is an effort to make it easier for suppliers, manufacturers, the defense industry, and others to connect to each other in beneficial, relevant ways. Are you a part of that conversation? Do you want to be? We need to hear from you!

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We've added a page called "Related Efforts" - Check out what else is going on in defense manufacturing!
  • President Obama calls for up to 15 regional innovation institutes
  • Pilot institute, NAMII, is underway

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Congratulations to the Awardees of the CAM Initiative

Three awardees were chosen as performers on the CAM Initiative. For more information on their role in CAM, click here. For more information on each awardee and the manufacturing marketplaces that they run, see their sites below.

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calendar_date.gif Upcoming!

March 19-21st
AeroDef Conference: Long Beach, CA

April 10th
Blueprint for Action Workshop on design for NNMI: Washington DC

May 8-9th
NCDMM Summit: Blairsville, PA

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